This ad film is an initiative taken by us as a part of our college project, on brand extension. The brand we chose is Body Shop and keeping the essence of the brand in mind we are extending our brand to a spa and will continue to use the organic products same as our parent brand. The name of the spa will also be kept same.

In this fast moving world, which is full of stress, a few hours at the spa will rejuvenate the customers and provide them relaxation.

This ad-film tries to depict the look and feel of our spa and the relaxation and transformation our spa promises to provide to the customers, and take them away from their busy and hectic lives.








Title Design : Vertigo

              THE VERTIGO

Saul Bass was undoubtedly the master of suspenseful title sequence, he created one of the greatest title sequences and this is clearly seen in Vertigo. The fonts used in the title design include Clarendon and Trade Gothic.

From the shifting eyes, to the melodramatic music and the swooping typography, culminating in the shifting, spiraling shapes and patterns twisting in and out of Novak’s pupil gives a sense of unease.

The animated spirals of Saul Bass’s title designs create an effect of dizziness and audience participation at the very start.

The title sequence sets the tone for the film not only visually but also audibly preparing the audience for what is to come

Hermann delivered a piece for Vertigo, which rises and falls, it gives the audience an unease that goes with the film, along with the visuals.

The title sequence contains all the elements of the film, beginning with an intimate close-up of a woman’s mouth, gradually panning over her eyes and zooming over a single eye, the face then turns red and the title emerges from the eye of the woman. The music rises and falls, a series of geometric and spiraling shapes come and go, as the music continues to rise and fall. The camera gradually pans out and the audience views the eye once more and the music paces, we see ‘Directed by Alfred Hitchcock” and the film begins.

The sequence was designed gradually beginning on Novak’s face, focusing on her eye and then featuring a series of swirls, with swirls becoming more appropriate as the film proceeds.

Vertigo’s title sequence is one big beautiful mystery which leaves the audience to wander why such disturbing and twisted thoughts occur in our brain and show us how these thoughts come to be visualized in spirals, intimate close ups and stunning visuals.

Television Show Review : MasterChef Australia

Unknown                                                                                 MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA

Based on the original British MasterChef MasterChef Australia is an Award winning cooking show, having contestants from all across Australia who present the food dishes to judges Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and food critic Matt Preston.It screens on Star World India.

The show begins with contestants presenting dishes to the judges and getting selected for the semi-final round. Then the chosen contestants further compete and participate in the show.

The episodes are shot both indoors as well as outdoors. The outdoor shoots can be in different places depending on the requirement of the task for the contestants. The indoors shooting takes place in the studio or famous restaurants.

The show airs every day of the week, with a different theme for everyday of the week.The most exciting being the team challenge which is held on Wednesday. This enables the viewers to see how the different contestants come together to present a wonderful dish, it shows the importance of team work. Another exciting day to watch the show is Sunday which is the challenge day it keeps us hooked to see how contestants work hard to impress the judges and overcome challenges. The other days the themes include a pressure test, immunity test, elimination day and the Masterclass where the hosts hold a class. Not only do these three judges, teach them they also give them inputs and help them by bringing other well known names from the culinary industry to help them.

This show is definitely one for the food lovers, it teaches us how passion able people are for food. We get to learn from their team work, their will power and the dishes they present are a treat to the eyes. It is one show which can make you smile and cry .